Juniors and Mini

Monday, September 14, 2015 - 20:14


With both sides managing to field 2 teams for Sunday’s fixture, the children had plenty of game time. Both Llanharan sides won 1 and lost one. All games were played in great spirit, and both sides offered lots of attacking flair. The U7’s scored some skilful tries and played with huge confidence, especially as it was their first team outing of the season. The coaches, parents and supporters are extremely proud of their achievement. Great effort boys!

Tries scored by-

Scott Anderson, Harry Richardson, Evan Benjamin, Ashton Gill, Lewis Williams, Gabe McCallum and Devon Austin.

Report from David McCallum.

Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 20:02

With both clubs managing to field 2 teams for today's fixture the children had plenty of game time. With both Llanharan teams winning 2 and Losing 2. There were some cracking tries from both Llanharan teams with attacking play from both sides making tagging difficult. Well done to our only female menber of the team Aleri Williams scoring her first tries for the team.   Report from Simon Poole

Training Tuesday 6pm on the Welfare field. Everyone welcome.

Friday, September 11, 2015 - 23:43

A must watch for all parents.

What do you like about playing rugby?

What don't you like about playing rugby?

What message would you give to people displaying negative behaviour?



Monday, September 7, 2015 - 09:48


Under 9’s Amazing Start v Whitchurch

Report from Jason Halse

What an amazing start of the season, with a well-deserved win for the team which included Ajay, Alex, Ben, Cohen, Dan, Ieuan D, Ieuan T, Harry, Ioan, Kian H, Louis, Luke, Regan, Steffan, Taylor and Thomas. The boys faced a big challenge today with it being their first contact game of the season. They came together and played their socks off today most definitely starting where they left off last season firing on all cylinders. The tackles the boys put in were excellent preventing Whitchurch moving forward. The determination of the team was brilliant, they grouped together and defended with their all, resulting in a number of turn over balls.  They held it together and broke down the defence of a well organised Whitchurch team resulting in a 12 -3 score line. Tries were scored by Dan (2), Ieuan (2), Ioan, Louis (3), Luke (2), Steffan (2). The coaches, parents and family members are extremely proud of the team and their achievement today. Well done boys it’s a pleasure to see you all coming together as great friends and team mates. We'd like to extend our thanks to all the parents and family members of the team that came to support and to Whitchurch for the nature in which the game was played and the friendly welcome we received. Thanks Jason & Nikki

Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 19:38
At a special training session organised on Saturday for the U8's by their coaches Ernie Fear and Paul Thatcher, Finlay Walker and his U8 team mates were surprised by a special guest coaching appearance from Wales fullback Leigh Halfpenny.
Leigh called a surprised Finlay out of the squad to announce that he had been selected as Land Rover Rugby World Cup 2015 Mascot for the Wales team in their opening World Cup match against Uruguay at the Millennium Stadium on Sunday Sept 20th.
Leigh joined in with our coaches in a training session together with Finlay and the rest of the U8's squad and Finlay also met with the former Wales outside half Jonathan Davies also making a surprise visit to the club to meet up with Leigh and Finlay.
Sunday, August 9, 2015 - 20:47

Llanharan RFC Mini & Junior Rugby - Pitchero


Saturday, May 30, 2015 - 10:21


Jason Halse reported:
Our Under Eights had the opportunity to be mascots and play at half time in the Blues final game of the season, where they met Beddau . A team of 10 represented the club - Ajay, Alex, Aidan, Dan, Ieuan T, Kian W, Louis, Luke, Regan and Steffan who celebrated his birthday. The boys started off on the back foot and fell behind 3-1 with Steffan grabbing a try, but they  stuck at it and gradually came back into the game scoring a try by Ieuan T .By now the boys defence was really good getting turnover tags and then levelling the game through a try by Regan, pushing right to the final whistle. Nikki and I would like to thank all for a good day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 15:40


Jason Halse reports

U8's on tour at Kiln Park Tenby

What a fitting end to a tremendous season. The U8's headed west for their rugby tour which was for many of the players their first ever tour. What an excellent weekend we had, the weather turn from the rain that was forecast to glorious sunshine. On Saturday morning the players and their families had a visit from Pembrokeshire falconry where they all had the opportunity to fly owls and other birds of pray.

Then Sunday we took the short trip to St Clears where we received a very warm welcome at their festival. This was to be the boys last game of tag rugby as next season they move up to the U9's and start contact rugby. The boys were absolutely outstanding their off loading organisation on the pitch, defensive and supportive play resulted in us wining 5 out of the 6 games we played.

Llanharan V St Clears 5 - 2, tries scored by Louis, Kian W and Regan (3).

Llanharan V Carmarthen Athletic 4 - 3, tries scored by Louis(2), Ajay and Kian H.

Llanharan V Narbeth 5 - 1, tries were scored by Cohen, Kian W (3) and Steffan.

Carmarthen Quinns V Llanharan 5 - 1 try scored by Harley.

Llanharan V St Clears 3 - 1 tries scored by Cohen, Ieuan, and Louis 

It was encouraging to be approached from coaches and parents of the opposing teams to be commended on the skills of our players. We were even invited by teams down west to join them next season for a couple of games. Nikki and I are extremely proud of the whole team some of which unfortunately missed the tour but have been a major part in the teams success. 

Monday, March 23, 2015 - 10:57

Jason Halse reports:

Llanharan 14 v10 Cowbridge

We made the short journey to Cowbridge whom we were grateful to for accommodating us as we had to rearrange our fixture. Cowbridge had a very large squad and the boys were split into 2 teams, team Nikki and team Jason, both playing 2 games each. Team Nikki compromised Ben, Dan, Harry, Ieuan D, Luke, Steffan and Thomas; they played some very good rugby continuing where we left off last week. There were excellent off loads and good supportive play which resulted in some good team tries being scored over the 2 games. The tries were scored by Dan scoring his first try for the club which gave him a boost to go on and score a further 4 tries, Steffan 5, Luke 2, Thomas 1, and Ieuan D 1. The boys defended well and their tagging was again very good. Cowbridge played well scoring some good tries of their own

Llanharan 15 v 9 Cowbridge  

Team Jason included Aidan, Ajay, Alex, Cai, Ieuan T, Louis and Regan; they kicked off and the young Black & Blues started where they left off last week, defending well with good tags which resulted in a number of turnover balls. The tries scored came from well organised phases of play with some very good off-loads which demonstrated the excellent team support. The tries were scored by Aidan 2, Ajay 5, Louis 2, Ieuan T (scoring his first try for the club who went on to score a further 2) and Regan 3.

Both Nikki & I would like to thank the boys for their hard work in training which is really paying off. Thanks to all parents for their continued support, also thanks to Cowbridge for the warm welcome and for the friendly manor in which all games were played.

Monday, March 16, 2015 - 09:11

LLanharan 9 v 5 Llantwit Fadre

After a few weeks having away games it was nice to finally have a game on home turf against a good Llantwit Fadre team. The Llanharan team of Ajay, Aidan Alex, Ben, Cai, Dan, Harley, Ioan, Louis, Luke, Taylor and Thomas, must have been watching the Welsh team yesterday as all game the defence was brilliant having numerous turn over tags, and then onto the attack like a flash playing some very good rugby and offloading resulting in some excellent team tries through, Ajay 4, Louis 3, Luke 1, and Harley 1.

The training and hard work that all have been putting in and the indoor training is starting to pay off, the commitment and determination of the team is second to none.  Their supportive play is excellent which led to another win today. Both Nikki and I are extremely proud of the boys, their ability to read the game and the skills they are all demonstrating.

 We would like to thank Llantwit Fadre who scored some good tries of their own, and thanks for which the spirit the game was played in. As always thanks to all Parents/Grandparents for turning out today to support our boys, its greatly appreciated.