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Friday, April 7, 2017 - 09:31

Llanharan U16’s vs  Cymru Caerdydd U16’s  2/4/17


Match Report


On a beautifully sunny morning in Cardiff, Llanharan u16’s took on Cymru Caerdydd at Pontcanna Fields. Only 12 boys were available, meaning that 3 players were kindly borrowed from CC, but they were all up for a game of rugby as usual.

Straight from the kick-off a knock-on from Llanharan gave CC a scrum, disappointing as the boys had been starting games a lot better recently, often scoring first. On this occasion, however, the powerful CC centre sliced through to score under the posts. The conversion made it 7-0 to the home side.

Llanharan started to get back into the game with some driving forward play, but they lost possession and CC worked their way down into the away team’s 22. Only a lot of really committed tackling kept them out. When Llanharan did get some possession, they made the mistake of trying miracle off-loads – admirable ambition, but not what was needed when they had gone behind early on.

With CC looking dangerous every time they had the ball, it was almost inevitable that from one turnover, they made metres down the blindside and scored their second try. 12-0 to the home team.

A great backs move from the restart put Tom Whittaker away, but their momentum was stopped in its tracks by a penalty for going off their feet at a ruck. The tide was definitely turning, however, with Llanharan starting to match the home team’s physicality. They started to be awarded penalties in the home team’s half, but the forwards showed some white-line fever and didn't spread the ball wide when the backs were ready and waiting. Eventually, Llanharan remembered what their strengths were, and from a move which including lots of off-loading and great recycling of the ball, Kieran Thomas went in for their first try.

Straight from the restart, Llanharan are on the attack once more. Ioan Thomas made some good metres, and when they went blind, Chris Osbourne show good basic skills (something lacking in Welsh rugby at the moment) to draw the CC defender and put Reece Newman in for his second. With Keiron Thomas probably wishing that his conversion wasn't mentioned (a real daisy-cutter from right in front), the away team were now only 12-10 down.

Llanharan were now right in this game, with Calum Evans controlling the play from 10 in the absence of concussion victim Leon Burton. The kicking obsession evident in the last two games thankfully seemed to have disappeared, and after a penalty tap from a midfield offside, Jack Jeffreys took the ball at pace and was unstoppable. The away team took the lead for the first time and it was 15-12 to Llanharan at half-time.

Straight from the restart, Calum put in a lovely chip which was gathered by Jack once again, but he was held up over the line. From the resulting scrum, Llanharan put together a multi-phase passage of play involving some lovely off-loads, and eventually good hands put Reece over once again. The conversion made it 22-12.

Then, despite Llanharan really matching the physicality of the home side, the kicking curse returned, and the CC fullback ran back a poor relieving boot to score in the corner. A fabulous conversion made it 22-19.

After the restart went into touch, Llanharan found themselves back in their half. But after a kick ahead and a fabulous one-handed jackal from Dylan John, Elliot Jenkins  took the ball at full pace and was in under the posts. 29-19 and things were looking good.

CC then came back again to score, ensuring that Llanharan couldn’t relax in any way. They didn’t and Chris Osbourne showed that forwards can also side-step to go in for his customary score. 36-24 and it was turning into a classic.

When the CC fullback made a break and put his supporting player in to score, making it 36-29, Llanharan began to look to the referee to blow up but Jack decided to make the game safe with a perfectly weighted grubber kick through the CC defence, which he gathered for the touchdown. A great game of rugby and a special mention has to go to the three Cymru Caerdydd players who contributed greatly, playing for Llanharan.


Final score Llanharan u16’s 41 Cymru Caerdydd u16’s 29


Monday, March 20, 2017 - 09:35

Match Report from Ted

On a good morning for rugby (relatively dry, not much wind and just a little give in the ground), Llanharan under 16’s took on Pentyrch, a team they narrowly beat away just after Christmas.

As usual, there were mistakes right from the off (cold hands and the boys still waking up), but the Llanharan backs put the ball wide, playing to their strength, being probably the smallest under 16 side in South Wales. Tom Whittaker, who was psyching out the opposition already with some choice comments, put a lovely kick through for Rhys Newman to show fantastic speed and some cool dribbling skills, to beat the defending winger and touch down for an early try. Conversion from Leon Burton went just wide of the right hand upright. 5-0 to Llanharan.

Two nasty habits from the home side then started to creep into the game, namely putting Pentyrch under pressure then letting them off the hook with silly penalties, and a massive obsession with putting boot to ball, when their strength is passing.

From one of these penalties, the Cardiff side worked their way right down into the home 22 but Llanharan stole the lineout and escaped with a relieving kick. The home side backs put it through the hands once again but Pentyrch intercepted. Chris Osbourne tracked back in pursuit and hauled the centre down but it was deemed high. Pentyrch kicked to within 5 metres of the home line, and from the resulting lineout and maul, their outside half ghosted between the defenders to score under the posts. The easy conversion made it 5-7.

A replay of the previous play (high tackle and kick to touch) put the home side under immediate pressure from the restart. A knock-on relieved the pressure once again.

Llanharan then started to play some off-load rugby but that was brought to an abrupt halt by a return to the kicking obsession, first from Callum Evans, then Rhys Newman. This was beginning to really frustrate the small band of loyal fans watching but form a rare Pentyrch kick in their own 22, there was a great charge down from Elliot Jenkins and he scored under the posts. The conversion was good this time, 12-7 to Llanharan.

Immediately from the kick off Dylan John got over the ball and turned it over with a prize jackal, but the resulting kick stayed in field. Pentyrch ran it back but the much bigger pack were held up over the line. Llanharan got a chance to clear their lines from the scrum but yet again their kicking was not good enough and when the ball was brought back into the 22, the Pentyrch outside half was in for his second try. 14-12 to Pentyrch.

There were some glimpses of individual effort, with Jack Jeffries proving very difficult to bring down but Llanharan weren’t really playing as a team today.

The second half started with Pentyrch continuing their game plan of hard runners taking the ball at pace around the fringes of rucks. Llanharan’s tackling was manful, and eventually they broke out. Rhys looked like he was away but a great covering tackle from the Pentyrch full back.

The home side’s kicking obsession got even worse as the half wore on but they were kept in the game by their competitive lineout, with Dylan John consistently putting pressure on the opposition jumpers. But what was becoming increasingly obvious was the home side tiring while Pentyrch brought on fresh legs. As usual, though, the effort levels from Llanharan were massive. Eventually they’re spurred on by Keiron Thomas using his speed to break through the middle but he’s tackled high. Jack Jeffries made good yards from the scrum but not for the first time, a home side player is left isolated due to lack of support. Despite this, they worked their way well into the Pentyrch  22 and Leon Burton almost crossed but he’s stopped by desperate defence. Llanharan were really giving this a go against a much bigger team (as usual) with Cardiff Blues players in their ranks.

With Llanharan under pressure, the ball was turned over and Ioan  makes a great run into the Pentyrch half but was again stopped by the full back. The kicking continued and it was no surprise that from a loose one, the Cardiff side eventually created an overlap and scored under the posts. 21-12 to Pentyrch.

With Llanharan now trying desperately to come back, the away side cannily started to give up some penalties in their own 22 rather than concede tries. The game ended almost inevitably, with Llanharan being awarded a penalty on the halfway line, tapping the ball and chipping the ball ahead!


Final score Llanharan u16’s 12 Pentyrch u16’s 21

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 23:02

Match Report


On a damp, drizzly morning at the Welfare, the boys got back on the pitch after a two week break due to some of the boys suffering from illness. Conditions were obviously going to play a part, including a stiff breeze, into which Llanharan played the first half.

Straight from the kick-off this proved to be the case with knock-ons from both sides resulting in what ended up being the first of many scrums. The first passage of play resulted in a penalty to Llanharan for Llandaff holding onto the ball. This, too, ended up being the first of many, mainly because the referee gave both sides literally less than a second to release the ball when tackled.

Both teams were running penalties, which was definitely the right option given the wind, and there was lots of ambition on display despite the conditions. Leon Burton at 10 for Llanharan tried a few clever kicks but the knock-ons continued as it became obvious that the game was going to be won by the side that could hold onto the ball! The half continued to be a succession of knock-ons, scrums and penalties as the ref tried to prove that he knew every rule in the book.

Llandaff kept the home side pinned down in their own half thanks to the wind, and eventually their backs put together a flowing move which nearly brought the first try, only denied by a great steal on the floor from Chris Osbourne. The Cardiff side then do manage to score after their number eight was held up over the line, and from the resulting scrum, their centre goes over, the try converted in style, ten metres in from touch. The first half continued in the same fashion, Llandaff leading 7-0 at half time, although Llanharan were relatively happy with that, having played into the stiff breeze.

Straight from the kick-off, a great pick-up from Elliot Jenkins on halfway, and he makes 40m down the blind side before being hauled down. A penalty to Llanharan is taken quickly by Marcus Chard and Tom Whittaker typically slices through the midfield to score under the posts. The conversion is a scruffy one and hits the crossbar leaving the score 7-5 to Llandaff.

The half then reverted to normal, but Llandaff managed to work their way into the home side’s 22, but a great steal from Elliot and a big boot puts Llanharan right back in the opposition’s half. From a scrum, Tom takes the ball on the angle, the ball is recycled quickly by the forwards, and Leon is in for the score. No conversion so 10-7 to home team.

A few minutes later, Llanharan at last put some phases together, work their way into the opposition half and put Chris in for a good team try. A great conversion from the touchline makes the score 17-7.

Llanharan then let the away team off the hook a few times and couldn’t score again and then found themselves back on their own line as a result of some good continuity play from Llandaff, They’re eventually over the home try line but held up. From the scrum, the home team relieve the pressure once again with a big kick.

Eventually, Llandaff, after being let off once again by home team mistakes, work their way back up to Llanharan’s half and, with the help of a few mystifying decisions from the referee score in the corner. They can’t convert so the score stays at 17-12. The whistle went for full time, but the ref then appeared to change his mind and play on. After some remonstrations from the touchline, he then abandoned the game!

Final score: Llanharan U16s 17 Llandaff U16s 12

Match report by: Ted John

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 21:47

Pencoed 5 v Llanharan 25

Today we took on our local neighbors Pencoed, we made the small journey with a bare 10 players. In muddy conditions the team of Alex, Ajay, Ben, Ieuan, Jayden, Kian, Louis, Luke, Regan and Thomas started the game where we left off from last week, with some cracking handling and offloads in poor conditions, it wasn't long before Ieuan went over for a try. What the boys did well all game was defend, knocking Pencoed backwards, and in the ruck turning the ball over, this something the Welsh team could take note of, and this gave us some good tries through Ajay, Louis x2 and Luke. Pencoed had a try of their own but the boys stuck to the task and this is how the game ended. A special mention to Ben for his defender of the week, and the bulldozer Ieuan for his skill today. Thanks to Pencoed for hosting us, and as always a special mention to our parents and grandparents for braving the elements.


Match report:  Jason Halse

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 14:27

Llanharan U16’s vs  Old Illtydian’s U16’s  22/1/17


Match Report


Last Sunday, LLanharan U16’s ventured into the depths of Splott, Cardiff to play that traditional old inner-city club Old Illtydian’s. On a chilly morning (but thankfully no frozen pitch unlike the day before), the boys were on a mission to recover from a tough 34-17 defeat to a big, powerful Ynysybwl side the previous week. Hopefully they could get back to winning ways after two previous victories against Machen and Pentyrch.


Only 13 players were available but these boys were fully committed and ready to play, and conditions were near perfect. Not a breath of wind and a much flatter pitch than usual, due to the fact that we were down near the sea rather than on the side of a mountain (the down side being the avoidance of a flock of seagulls that had landed in the opposition 22).


After a high-intensity, non-stop warm-up with coaches Alan and Lee, the boys were ready for kick-off and scored the first try after 2 minutes with some lovely flowing rugby, letting the ball do the work and putting Rhys Newman in at the corner. Leon Burton, who was already controlling the game from 10, couldn’t convert from out wide. Straight from the kick-off Llanharan were off with their passing game again, putting Callum Evans in. Then the boys started to give away silly penalties and let Old Illts back into the game. Over-confidence starting to creep in also, resulting in some careless knock-on’s. Llanharan couldn’t seem to get out of their own half and the latest penalty came right in front of their posts. Old Illt’s went for the three points but the kicker unfortunately slipped and was unsuccessful.


Llanharan eventually got out of their half thanks to a knock-on from the kick-off but started to get a little obsessed with kicks when the strength of their game, as they had shown already, was passing. At last the boys played some rugby. Lovely pass from Callum Evans to Rhys again who comes infield. Dylan John makes the hard yards and quick ball leaves Leon Burton to run it in under the sticks. Callum attempts a dropped conversion and threatens the corner flag rather than the posts, Thankfully his passing is better than his kicking!

Llanharan continued to make some silly errors but then scored a lovely try from a tapped penalty in their own 22, culminating in a great off-load from Tom Whittaker to Kieren Thomas who uses his speed to go outside the full back to score. Surprise, surprise the conversion is wide but who needs kicks when you’re scoring tries. Then from the next scrum, the ball is moved wide once again. This time Brandon turns on the gas, is brought down just short and Chris Osbourne in great support, picks up to score. The last try of the half came from a lovely chip ahead from Leon collected by Elliot. Quick ball from much-improved rucking today resulted in Tom Whittaker scything through the midfield to score. Hooker Mitchell Hall’s turn to try to convert – a miss but a lot closer than some of the earlier attempts.


From the restart, Llanharan give away a silly penalty and 10m for backchat and this was a sign of things to come, but at half-time, the boys were in front 30-0.


The second half started fantastically for Llanharan, Jack Jefferies running in a try from his own 22, beating virtually the whole Old Illt’s team by himself. He then became the latest in a long line of kickers who embarrassed themselves by missing the conversion from right in front and it became obvious that the final score was going to be a multiple of 5!


From this point on, the game descended into farce as the referee lost complete control of what was a pretty disciplined game. Llanhran lost their heads a little bit, or rather their mouths and kept giving the man with the whistle reasons to ping them and then march them back 10m time after time. After 10 minutes of the second half, confusion reigned as the ref seemed to abandon the game, apparently due to too much backchat!


A little disappointing in the end – Llanharan could and should have won by much more but didn’t give themselves the chance because of too many things said to the ref on the pitch. Having said that, the boys scored some lovely tries, and if they can cut out the silly mistakes (and the backchat), will always give themselves a chance of winning.


Final score – Llanharan U16’s 35 Old Illtydian’s U16’s 0

Monday, January 23, 2017 - 14:11

The under 8s attended the latest "Supporting Sunday" event hosted by Llantwit Fardre RFC in conjunction with the WRU.

Supporting Sunday is an initiative for rugby clubs that encourages good behaviour by Players, Coaches and Supporters in mini and junior rugby, and also encourages participation by gauranteeing all players at least half a game. Despite a few players not being available, we took 2 teams to play on the Astro Turf pitch. Depite the cold, each team still managed to play 5 games and treat the fans to a feast of running, passing and tagging rugby. Following a warm up game between the Llanharan Blacks and Llanharan Blues, the kids took on teams from Caerphilly, Pontyclun, Sengenedd and the hosts, and were more than a match for all of them. After the game Llantwit hosted all the players and familes back in the club for Hot Dogs! 

Special thanks to Llantwit for hosting the event - No mean feat with best part of 100 kids to manage, and thanks as always to Parents, families and volunteers for your continuing support" 


Match report: Mark Anderson

Monday, January 23, 2017 - 14:09
The U7's welcomed Maesteg Celtic at home today on another bitter cold morning. The boys and girls were a team of 8 and were keen to get on the field and play the opposition. More fantastic running, passing and tagging with defence improving making it harder for Celtic to score. There were some awesome tries from the Black & Blues and Celtic alike. 
No injuries just continuos great team playing once again! 
Match report: Jess Morris